A Guide to Santa Teresa for the Digital Nomad Costa Rica [2019 Update]

01 Jun 2019
by Danielle Thompson
Digital Nomad, Senior UX/UI Designer and a member of the Professional Association for Design.

Renowned for its alternative, easygoing lifestyle, Santa Teresa is a laid-back surfer’s town, with lush, green forests adorning the tranquil beaches! Regarded as one of Costa Rica’s premier surfing spots, it offers plenty of thrill-seeking activities such as surfing, swimming, and reggae-bar hopping. It’s a fantastic spot to relax, but what about work? Santa Teresa caters to the digital nomad Costa Rica brought in, as well. Catering to the affordable luxury of an air-conditioned villa just under $500, this postcard perfect town is the ideal place to combine work with relaxation and/or adrenaline filled activities. 

digital nomad costa rica
No, it’s not photoshop…it’s Costa Rica!
Photographer: Massimo Virgilio | Source: Unsplash

The exceptional and varied choice of food here is also an excellent incentive to visit. The culture of Costa Rica has been influenced by the Spanish culture and of course Spanish is spoken across the country. Local Costa Ricans are usually welcoming and accommodating with the digital nomad Costa Rica has invited to stay, so branch out of the DN community!

The Best Cafes in Santa Teresa for Working

Known for their gourmet coffee beans which are native to the area, the digital nomad Costa Rica will not find a shortage of delicious coffee! However, we don’t often come to cafes just to taste the coffee; we go to get work done. If you need to find a good café to work in Santa Teresa, there are quite a few. Check out one (or all) of the best cafes in Santa Teresa for the work day!

Ginger Café – Best Breakfast Santa Teresa

An adorable Italian-style café nestled along the main road, Ginger caters to mouth-watering pastries and out-of-this-world espresso beverages. Come read a good book, jump on the free wifi or simply enjoy the soothing vibe while savoring 100% authentic Central American delicacies. The digital nomad in Santa Teresa has said that this is their most frequented café and that they definitely make the best breakfast Santa Teresa has!


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Just a few of the most delicious breakfast items from Ginger Cafe’s menu!

Café Social – Best Café Central Santa Teresa

A hip and modern café situated in the heart of Santa Teresa, Café Social makes you feel at home away from home. In addition to the relaxed atmosphere, the food served here is absolutely healthy, fresh and delicious. The wait staff here is kind and friendly, always trying to make you feel welcomed and going the extra mile. It has everything the digital nomad in Costa Rica could need as well as being an awesome café central Santa Teresa.

The Bakery – Beachside Café Santa Teresa

With a terracotta-tiled roof and antique wooden chairs, the digital nomad Costa Rica might think The Bakery traditional and outdated. No way! The Bakery is a breezy little café that promises a refreshing start to your day with its scrumptious range of breakfast and lunch choices. It serves black-bean burritos to the early birds, whereas the late risers are offered the mouth-watering macchiatos, creamy pineapple-filled pastries, and delicious tacos — all made in a nearby bakery. It’s the perfect place to refresh yourself in a beachside café Santa Teresa.


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These look so crunchy and delicious, not to mention healthy!

Coworking Costa Rica: The Best Spaces in Santa Teresa

With the inland forest and miles of coastline, the digital nomad Costa Rica might think there aren’t many modern coworking spaces to choose from. That’s simply not true! With the surge of digital nomads, there’s tons of opportunities for coworking Costa Rica. When you’re tired of snacking on healthy delights at the café (wait, does that happen?), head over to a coworking space.

SkyLoft – Dynamic Coworking Santa Teresa

SkyLoft is the town’s leading shared office space that offers natural lighting, refreshing views of the ocean and a plenty of amenities for busy professionals! SkyLoft offers more than one service to the digital nomad Costa Rica. Here, they consider the body and the mind. There are areas to work on both at this space for coworking Santa Teresa. And when you’re finished with your work, take a coffee break or recharge with a meditation class at sunset. You can also head over to the sandy white beach for a rejuvenating walk or swim.


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Giving your tired body a stretch after the workday is another healthy Costa Rican belief.

Swinda Cowork Office – No-Fuss Coworking Space Santa Teresa

Inspiring visitors to pursue their dreams while maintaining a healthy work-life balance, Swinda Cowork is nestled amidst the lush tropical gardens to offer a soothing work environment. From a high-speed Wi-Fi to comfortable desks and bean bags, Swinda stands out! Try this no-fuss coworking space Santa Teresa that boasts of a cozy amenity-rich environment for digital nomads.


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Even in a plain white room, Costa Rican nature shines in through the window.

The Best SIM Card Costa Rica Has for Digital Nomads

Movistar is the second largest network provider in Costa Rica and offers the best coverage and speed compared to other networks. Prepaid SIM cards can be purchased for CRC 1,000 or $1.62! This is the best deal for a SIM Card Costa Rica has on the market. They can be purchased at any electronics store or provider store. Further, you can avail the ‘MES’ pack that provides 3GB internet for $15.

How to Get Around Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Santa Teresa is dirt-road type of town and it gets extremely dusty during the dry season. There are many opportunities to rent one and using ATVs does sound like a convenient option, but it only stirs up more dirt. It’s wisest to consider a bicycle to get around Santa Teresa! Alternatively, you can also hire taxis that typically cost between $4 and $8, depending upon your destination.

digital nomad costa rica
Photographer: Drew Sullivan | Source: Unsplash

The Best Restaurants Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Costa Rican food has it’s own flavorful, smoky identity, although many of the staples are borrowed from Latin American cuisine. One thing that’s for certain: Costa Rican food is almost always healthy, which is perfect for the digital nomad Costa Rica who may not have tons of time to exercise! In any case, there’s no reason to feel guilty when visiting the restaurants Santa Teresa, Costa Rica has on offer. So go on and try them out!

digital nomad costa rica
Plantains and rice always go together in Costa Rica!
Photographer: Charisse Kenion | Source: Unsplash

Soda Tiquicia – Costa Rican Food Santa Teresa

Suited perfectly for the typical Central American cuisines, Soda Tiquicia is by far the best value-worth restaurant in the town. While their serving plates are huge, you will definitely not be left hungry nor will your wallet be empty. It’s a great to experience the local food culture, so give Costa Rican food Santa Teresa is making a chance! Try their signature casado dishes, stuffed bean burritos, and exquisite fish soup.

Banana Beach Restaurant Santa Teresa

The food at Banana Beach Restaurant Santa Teresa is delicious but that’s not the only thing attracting the digital nomad Costa Rica to this hotspot. This beach bar in Santa Teresa is the total package! They have something on the menu for everyone, vegans, vegetarians, meat-eaters and even gluten-free eaters. The best part is the beautiful beachside service and the live music at night. This beach restaurant doubles as a bar/club once the sun goes down, so head here whether you’re hungry or not (just as long as you’re thirsty). Once you get to Banana Beach Restaurant, you may never leave!


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Nightlife and Bars in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Like any beautiful beach town, Santa Teresa is full of breezy bars, cocktails with fresh-squeezed juice and speakers bumping mellow beats. After the day is done, it’s time to check out the thriving nightlife in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica! Beach vibes can be found at almost any bar, even the dive bars, so don’t hesitate to explore. Here are some of our favorite bars in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Vista de Olas – Best Beach Bar Santa Teresa Costa Rica

A must-visit bar to wind down after a tiring day at work, Vista de Olas offers the best sunset views in the town. Nestled on the outskirts of Santa Teresa in Mal Pais, Vista de Olas lets you savor the sunset away from the bustle in a luxurious infinity swimming pool. Oh, did we not mention that there’s a swim-up bar? There’s too many reasons why Vista de Olas is the best beach bar Santa Teresa has. Savor their wide selection of cocktails, soak up some sun and thank us later.


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Take advantage of this beautiful resort without having to pay for a place to sleep!

Discobar Lora Amarilla – Best Reggae Bar Santa Teresa

It can be hard to mingle with the locals as a digital nomad Costa Rica, but this disco bar is the perfect place to do it. Filled with locals and visitors alike, the Lora Amarilla serves cheap drinks and amazing music at the same time. Like all the best bars in Santa Teresa, La Lora Amarilla isn’t far from the beach. Come on Thursdays when they have their legendary reggae parties. They don’t call it the best reggae bar Santa Teresa has ever seen for nothing!

Monthly Airbnb Price for the Digital Nomad Costa Rica

The rental prices in Costa Rica are cheap, which is why there’s been such a surge in the group of digital nomad Costa Rica. In Santa Teresa, a fully-furnished one bedroom apartment costs around $400 a month. After all, you can’t just sleep on the beach every day…can you?

digital nomad costa rica
How much for the little hut?
Photographer: Sam Beasley | Source: Unsplash

Get $30 off your first Airbnb by using this link.

How Is the Wifi Speed in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica?

While there are plenty of spots with great wifi speed in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica isn’t known for being extremely well-connected. After all, the remoteness and off-the-grid freedom is what brings the digital nomad Costa Rica! In those remote spots, don’t count on being too connected. If wifi is advertised by a hotel, bar, or restaurant, then they’ll have a reliable enough connection. The average wifi speed in Santa Teresa is 5 mbps.

P.S. Wifi connections can cut out infrequently during the rainy season, so be aware.

digital nomad santa teresa
Photographer: Mario Purisic | Source: Unsplash

Where’s the Digital Nomad Community in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica?

Now that you’re on the ground, you want to meet some like-minded people. Where can you go to connect with the digital nomad community in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica?

Meet-up with the fellow digital nomads at Swinda, the town’s coolest co-working place. Working together makes the day more enjoyable and this is the perfect place to tap into Santa Teresa’s digital nomad community. Who knows, you may end up working next to your future business partner!

Whether you’re off to join the digital nomad community now, in three months, or a year from now, you can rely on these tips! Save this guide to your Travel Plan Pinterest board for later.


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