A Top-to-Bottom Guide for the Medellin Digital Nomad [2019]

01 Jun 2019
by Danielle Thompson
Digital Nomad, Senior UX/UI Designer and a member of the Professional Association for Design.

The digital nomad scene has thrived exponentially in the recent years and only a few places have embraced it like Medellin. Previously dominated by Southeast Asian cities and Europe, Medellin has put Latin America firmly on the map of digital nomad hotspots. A Medellin digital nomad will find the cost of living is much lower than big cities in Western Europe or North America. Plus, the moderate temperature makes sure that you don’t have to deal with the bitter cold winters that come with Berlin or the sweltering heat you get in Bali. Medellin is called ‘The City of Eternal Spring.’ So, when are you going on spring break?

medellin digital nomad
The lights of Medellin even look warm.
Photographer: Joel Duncan | Source: Unsplash

For any Medellin digital nomad, there are plenty of reasons why this is a great place to work. The nightlife here is never boring, with plenty of hotspots so you’ll never have to visit the same bar twice. The cost of living is great for digital nomads as well, but one of the most important reason that the typical Medellin digital nomad loves it so much here: the freaking delicious coffee.

The Best Cafes to Work in Medellin

Columbia is known for their coffee. Duh! The Medellin digital nomad will find perfect roasts all over town, but good coffee doesn’t always make it a good café for our freelance work. Digital nomads need cafes with wifi in Medellin and without too much hustling and bustling. However, a delicious cup of coffee is still a requirement for the best cafes to work in Medellin. These cafes are in the Poblado neighborhood of Medellin, as it is the favorite neighborhood of the Medellin digital nomad!

Café Zeppelin – The Best Café Medellin

This trendy, modern café is sure to attract your attention while walking across the streets of El Poblado! Café Zeppelin caters to a cozy work environment coupled with scrumptious food and beverage options. It’s designed with plenty of nooks and crannies to hide away in while you zone in on your work, which is why this is the best café Medellin has for digital nomads. From sandwiches, tapas, cakes and a varied selection of freshly roasted coffee, Zeppelin is an excellent place to complement food with work.


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Cafe Zeppelin is German-owned which is reflected in the design.

Café Velvet – Coziest Internet Café Medellin

Just as its name suggests, Café Velvet is a cozy space that offers the Medellin digital nomad a perfectly quiet workplace to support their business. Plus, thanks to the lightning fast Wi-Fi, you shouldn’t have a problem working for hours. It’s one of the best connections of any coffee shop, which makes it the best internet café Medellin has. Open all days of the week, Velvet also offers outdoor seating if you prefer to work outside. 

The décor is so cute, you won’t want to leave!

Pergamino Café – Best Coffee Medellin

Regarded as one of the top-rated cafes in Medellin, Pergamino Café is tucked in the soothing shade of trees. The café features a relaxing outdoor setting and is adorned with bright, happy interiors that promise to keep you in the best mood to work for an hour or two. The one drawback is that this is a very popular café with the best coffee Medellin has on offer, so it can get busy.


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Where to Find the Best Coworking Medellin

Once the cafes start to get busy, where should the Medellin digital nomad go? Thanks to its rapid modernization, there are quite a few coworking spaces in Medellin to choose from! To find the best coworking Medellin has to offer, we analyzed their amenities and their vibes. After all, you need both for a successful and fun workday.

coworking medellin
Photographer: Helena Lopes | Source: Unsplash

Global Express Coworking – Cheap Coworking Medellin

Nestled inside a brand new building on Calle 10 in Poblado, Global Express Coworking boasts state-of-the-art amenities made available to the Medellin digital nomad. While the high speed Ethernet makes your life much easier, late night working is also facilitated. The daily fee is approximately 18000 COP or $5, which couldn’t be better for your overhead! Global Express Coworking gives you everything you need for the price you want; what a perfect example of an actually cheap coworking Medellin!

P.S. Personalized plans are also available for those of us who know what we want and how we want it.

Casa Redonda Coworking – Coolest Coworking Space Medellin

A hip, three-story venue with a large monumental front door greets visitors at Casa Redonda. It is an absolute heaven for the Medellin digital nomad! Very well-located in the middle of the city, the space features a stunning rooftop terrace with epic views and fresh air to rejuvenate your mind. The aesthetic alone makes this the coolest coworking space Medellin has on its roster, but the high-speed wifi and professional capabilities don’t hurt its reputation, either. Casa Redonda is open from Monday-Saturday, 8 AM to 8 PM.

The Best SIM Card Columbia Supports

There are three main telecom companies in Medellin that provide strong network coverage across Colombia. These are Claro, Movistar and Tigo. They all provide around the same coverage, so the best SIM Card Columbia will offer you depends on your needs. The following are the best value internet plans from each of them:

Claro – 15 days-2GB– COP 20,000

Movistar – 15 days – 2.5 GB – COP 24,900

Tigo – 15 days – 2GB – COP 20,000 EXTRA 100 MINS-15SMS

How is the Transportation in Medellin?

The fastest and the cheapest way to travel in and around Medellin is by metro. If you’re only going on a quick trip, you can buy a single journey ticket called ‘Univiaje’ for 2000 COP ($1). If you’re planning a longer transportation in Medellin, try a multiple journey ticket called ‘Integrado’ that covers both journey in metro and bus for 2300 COP ($1.5).

transportation in medellin
Photographer: Juan Saravia | Source: Unsplash

Alternately, you can choose to travel more swiftly via chauffeur-driven cab services like EasyTaxi that allow you to book your ride online. Uber in Medellin is illegal, and although you will find plenty of rides available using the app, it’s still against the law and you should be cautious.

The Best App for Food Delivery Medellin

Domicilios is the best travel companion app that lets you enjoy your favorite foods delivered in Medellin. Domicilios features a wide range of restaurants and local food joints, helping you make the tastiest choice. It’s really the only option for food delivery Medellin has, but it’s still a great service that the Medellin digital nomad will undoubtedly end up using quite often!

medellin digital nomad
Photographer: Pablo Merchán Montes | Source: Unsplash

Average Monthly Price for Airbnb in Medellin

Airbnb is a good place to book an accommodation in Medellin for a month. Most digital nomads prefer the busy neighborhood of Poblado, which is also the priciest neighborhood. If you’re looking to cut costs as much as possible with your Airbnb in Medellin, it’s best to look in lots of different areas. You can rent out a fully-furnished single room from $300 and a luxury villa will cost you $800 for a month. 

Get $30 off your first Airbnb if you use the link here.  

The Best Bars in Medellin to Go Out

Medellin is a huge metropolis in a Latin country…of course, they know how to party! When the workday is done for the Medellin digital nomad, it’s time to hit the streets and look for a refreshment with your friends. If you want to ensure you have a good time, make sure to hit up one of the best bars in Medellin. Have fun, have a laugh, and have a drink (or two)!

Calle 9+1 – Biggest Night Club Medellin

Located conveniently in the heart of the city, Calle 9+1 is the perfect night-hopping bar that offers a great atmosphere to shake off all your stresses and worries. With icy cold beers, rocking live music, and late night DJ sessions, this is simply the best place to boogie the night away. It has a reputation for non-stop parties, so get ready for the long-haul before you head out to this night club Medellin is showcasing.


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There are 4 disco balls! That’s how serious this night club takes its dance parties.

La Strada Medellin – A Mall…for Bars!

Why just visit one bar when you can head to so many under one roof? Embrace yourself! Here’s a multi-level entertainment mall where the young and beautiful show up to shake their hips with similar folks. It’s a mall…for bars! La Strada Medellin not only boasts of a vibrant atmosphere but also promises its guests the most refreshing cocktails and gourmet bites. Not to mention their free events, such as yoga on Sundays!


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The Best Restaurants in Medellin

Thanks to their wonderful climate, there are a lot of fresh ingredients used in Colombian food; you’ll regret it if you don’t get out there and try some! Colombian food comprises most of the cheap eats in Medellin, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Since it’s a blooming metropolis, there are plenty of other cuisines on our list of the best restaurants in Medellin, as well. Don’t worry about cooking at home after the long workday, just head to one of these prime spots!

best restaurants in medellin
Photographer: Pablo Merchán Montes | Source: Unsplash

La Provincia – Best Seafood Medellin

With a menu catering to a winning combination of French and Italian inspired cuisines, La Provincia bids you a flavorsome treat with a special emphasis on seafood. In fact, for a country that has lots of seafood dishes in their repertoire, the best seafood Medellin has comes from a European restaurant! Still, their quaint, spacious dining room and red-painted walls makes the space feel very Colombian. French-style windows and wooden flooring that pave the way to an al fresco terrace adorned by huge potted plants. 

In Situ – Best Restaurant in Medellin with a View

With lush green botanic gardens encompassing it, In Situ is one of the most aesthetically supreme restaurants in Medellin. Honestly, it’s hard to remember you’re in the middle of a metropolis here; it’s definitely the best restaurant in Medellin with a view. Tucked inside a modern yet minimalist villa, the restaurant’s interior blazes with elegant wine glasses and smart white tablecloths! What’s more; the menu offers a wide variety of Colombian flavors with specialties including pesto-stuffed chicken and salmon tartare.

The Average Speed of Wifi Medellin

The average wifi speed in Medellin is about 7mbps. As it’s a busy city, most places are well-connected. Lots of restaurants and cafes offer patrons a free connection to wifi Medellin. Thankfully, the internet in Medellin is already up and running well, ready to welcome the next Medellin digital nomad!

How to Find a Medellin Digital Nomad Meetup 

Digital Nomad Medellin is a thriving community aimed at bringing together the great group of nomads. It organizes a monthly meet to fulfill the objectives and exchange ideas about growing the community even more. Meeting with your fellow Medellin digital nomad is sure to provide you with benefits you couldn’t predict! Whether it’s finding your new favorite café or finding your next client, you never know what the digital nomad community will help you with.

Are your bags packed or are you still dreaming of an escape to Medellin? Whenever you’re traveling, this digital nomad guide will come in handy. Save it to your Travel Plan Pinterest board for later.


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