The Complete Guide for the Digital Nomad Ubud, Bali [2019 Update]

01 Jun 2019
by Danielle Thompson
Digital Nomad, Senior UX/UI Designer and a member of the Professional Association for Design.

A perfect fusion of east-meets-west, Ubud is one of Bali’s most beautiful cities. With countless yoga studios, brilliant co-working spaces and much more, there’s been a huge surge of people moving here, no group more than the digital nomad Ubud! The pleasantly hot weather, vast variety of Indonesian food, and affordable cost of living, Ubud has become a great place to call home while building your business empire.

digital nomad ubud
Photographer: Patrick Craig | Source: Unsplash

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Why Try Living in Ubud, Bali?

Ubud is a newfound freelancer haven! So, what’s driving this great migration of digital nomad Ubud? The city center and close surrounding areas have become very Westernized and many of the locals speak basic English, which makes this exotic place feel a little like home. The pace of living in Ubud is slow and laid-back, providing digital nomads tons of ways to relax after the day is done. Keep scrolling through the amazing sites in our digital nomad Ubud guide and you’ll see for yourself why it’s growing in popularity!

digital nomad Ubud
What do you think his niche is?
Photographer: Eirik Skarstein | Source: Unsplash

The Best Cafes in Ubud for Digital Nomads

With the huge influx of digital nomad Ubud has opened a plethora of cafes that double as productive work areas. Most of the cafes in Ubud have great Wi-Fi connection to support their freelancing clientele. We can’t leave out the fact that the design and decor in these cafes is to die for. It’s too bad you can’t live in them!

Clear Café Ubud – The Best Cafe in Ubud for Freelancers

A striking, spacious and colorful three-storied café with a breathtaking view of the Campuhan River, Clear Cafe Ubud is your best bet to be productive. While the quirky colors and wall art add to its millenial work-friendly vibe, power plugs and incredibly fast Wi-Fi helps you pull your tasks off with ease. Last but surely not least, their food is the same amazing quality as their decor!


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Deciding whether to Instagram your food or the space is a tough decision for the digital nomad Ubud!

Seniman Coffee Studio – The Place for an Ubud Breakfast

Here’s a café that serves undoubtedly the best coffee in Ubud. From the freshly brewed Balinese coffee to the avant-garde furniture (playful chairs, anyone?), Seniman Coffee Studio is an ideal place to get your work done while sipping a cup of your favorite coffee. Alongside your delicious cup of coffee, make sure you try a morning snack. Pairing your coffee with a fresh Ubud breakfast is a great way to start the work day. Plus, their Wi-Fi is one of the speediest in the town. 


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The best coffee in Ubud needs taste-testers!

Habitat Café – The Best Cafe in Ubud for Food

Adding vibrant color to Ubud’s food scene, Habitat Cafe Ubud is a wonderful place for a bit of work or a leisurely lunch in the relaxing modern tropical dining setting. It serves different Asian cuisines from around the continent, prepared with an authentic Indonesian twist. Some of their best-liked dishes include sushi-rolls, burritos and sunshine tunas. Their healthy and original plates make this the best cafe in Ubud for food, so make a plan and get yourself there!

All of the plates served at Habitat Cafe Ubud look that delicious…and taste even better.

BONUS: The monkey pictured higher in the article can be visited at the Monkey Forest, which is very close to the Habitat Cafe Ubud!

The Highest Quality Co-working Spaces Ubud

We can only drink so many coffees before we’ve been sitting at a cafe without ordering anything for several hours. While the cafe employees in Ubud are too polite to kick us out, we know when it’s time to pack up and head to a co-working space. When that time comes, digital nomad Ubud will be spoiled for choice! Here are the top co-working spaces Ubud offers its freelancers; whichever one you choose, it’s definitely going to be super cool.

Hubud – The Best of Bali Co-working

Hubud is Bali’s first ever co-working space that kick-started the digital nomad Ubud trend. Set in the beating heart of the town, this breezy indoor-outdoor space helps you ease into the digital nomadic lifestyle with corporate retreats and daily courses. On your breaks, you can enjoy a garden cafe with juicy salads and freshly roasted organic coffee.  Hubud offers so much to digital nomad Ubud that it’s too long to list; just trust us when we say that Hubud is Bali co-working at its finest!

Outpost – Communal Co-working Space in Indonesia

With state-of-the-art amenities and a vibrant community of go-getters to supercharge your efficiency, Outpost is another cool co-working spot to get your work done.  From indoor hubs and outdoor gardens to standing desks and deck spaces with offices, Outpost even features an onsite masseuse to ease your elbow aches. It also hosts co-living Ubud, so it really is a community space. It’s like the be-all end-all of co-working spaces in Indonesia!

Best Place to Get a Bali SIM Card

Buying a SIM Card and keeping a pay-as-you-go plan is very affordable in Ubud. The most common phone company amongst digital nomad Ubud is XLAxiata. They’re a local network provider that has great coverage in the area. You can get this Bali SIM Card with a package of 25 GB (plus 10 GB as a bonus) as well as 15 minutes of call time for $11. The minutes might not seem like enough, but with What’sApp and other free communication apps, most digital nomad Ubud don’t need more minutes!

digital nomad Ubud
Most digital nomads will use their phone for pictures more than they’ll use their ‘minutes!’
Photographer: Artem Bali | Source: Unsplash

How to Get Around in Ubud – Taxis in Ubud?

Getting around Ubud is quite straightforward as it is a relatively small town that can mostly be covered by foot. Since traffic volumes in Ubud are quite high, it is more convenient to walk to beat the bustling town of Ubud. Lots of people want to take taxis in Ubud, or even Ubers in Ubud (even though taxis are already cheap) but they’ll be stuck in traffic longer than the ride is worth.

In order to explore the surrounding beauty of the town, you can rent out bikes from local travel agencies. But keep in mind that it gets quite hot during the dry season, and therefore it can be difficult to cycle in the scorching heat. When you’re wondering how to get around in Ubud, consider the time of day and the temperature.

Walking down to catch the sunset on the ridge , it was a rare moment that this tunnel was so quiet. Those that know this spot know how busy it can be, and for a short moment I managed to capture this biker under this magnificent canopy with Ubud’s golden sunset pouring through.
Photographer: Patrick Craig | Source: Unsplash

Consider renting a scooter if you decide to stay in Ubud long term! Some of the best gems are just outside the center. Scooters and motorbikes are the most common method of transportation in Ubud, so if you want a local experience as a digital nomad Ubud, dust off your driver’s license and get on a scooter.

Best Apps for Food Delivery Ubud

Go-Jek: this easy-to-use app will help you get your food delivered quickly in Ubud. Go-Jek features tons of restaurants and fresh, local spots that you may have passed by. The app will even show you the top rated picks near you, so you see what other digital nomad Ubud locals think as well. It’s the number one app for food delivery Ubud has!

Where to Stay in Ubud: Airbnb or Co-living?

Any digital nomad can rent out a single room via Airbnb from $500 to $800. Additionally, they can find a two-bedroom studio apartment which costs around $800-$1000, then potentially share it as a space for co-living Ubud. Many from the digital nomad Ubud scene end up living in the same place that they’re working: their co-working space! Many of the co-working spaces have living arrangements as well, so the question of where to stay in Ubud is really up to your personal preference.

digital nomad ubud
This bed is so inviting, so dreamy, so…Bali!
Photographer: mark chaves | Source: Unsplash

Save $25 off your first Airbnb by using this link.

Going Out – The Best Bars in Ubud

There’s a time to work and a time to play and when it’s time to play, digital nomads are looking for the coolest and most unique parties wherever they are. There are a lot of bars that digital nomad Ubud frequents on a road called Monkey Forest. As Ubud is a small, walk-able town, a bar crawl is the perfect idea to make sure you hit all of the best bars in Ubud before you move onto your next destination!

Room4Dessert – The Best Cocktails in Ubud

This uber cool bar is the real deal with some of the most sublime desserts and drinks in town. While this UFO-styled venue may seem to have crashed from some gigantic junkyard, the stirred, shaken and smashed cocktails make it a must-visit for post-dinner boozing’ until late. You may come for the quirky ambiance but you will be enjoying the best cocktails in Ubud until you can’t read the broken clock on the wall!


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Copper Kitchen and Bar – Rooftop Bar Ubud

Master-crafted amidst the jungle-like surrounding, Copper Kitchen boasts of an alluring South Asian and Western seasonal mix of cuisine. Welcoming guests all day long, this dazzling bar showcases expert mixologists preparing an assortment of cocktails based on what’s hot right now, which is bound the be the favorite of most digital nomad Ubud! The views from this rooftop bar Ubud can’t be beat. All in all, Copper Kitchen is a soulful bar that pays tribute to Ubud’s lush surroundings.

The Best Restaurants in Ubud

No one knows more about tasting the local fare than our large group of digital nomad Ubud. Indonesian food is so fresh and almost always organically grown; there’s no wonder we go out to eat so often! A few of the best restaurants in Ubud are fusion-style or European, which means we have lots of variety to choose from.

Hujan Locale – The Best Indonesian Food Ubud

With a design dating back to the age old Batavian culture, Hujan is a great spot to settle into cocktail hour. While the rocking jazz music dazzles the guests, it’s the original cocktail fusions(created from Indonesian fruits and spices) that leaves them spellbound. What’s even better? These cleverly crafted tipples travel on a classic cocktail cart to greet you on your table. As if the best Indonesian food Ubud has to offer needed a gimmick to get us to try it out!

Dumbo – Authentic Pizza Ubud

Here’s an ultra-modern Italian restaurant that not only offers green, clean and organic food but also goes an extra mile to serve earth-friendly delicacies without compromising on flavor. If you’re missing Italian cuisine, you can scratch your itch and surprise your taste buds with a familiar flavor thanks to Dumbo’s delicious pizza Ubud. Their crunchy wood-fired pizza is their specialty, but they also serve fresh cocktails and other Italian fare.

The Sayan House – Fresh Sushi Ubud

Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the town, The Sayan House caters to panoramic vistas of the surrounding forest with a casual fine dining adorned by a rich blend of Latin-Japanese cuisines. We’re talking tempura tacos and tuna croquettes with wasabi mash! If you can’t imagine it, do yourself a favor and order this sushi Ubud‘s best and most flavorful bite.

These bento boxes do more than just look good, they taste unforgettable.

A Must-Have for Digital Nomads: Wi-Fi in Ubud

Bali might seem like some undiscovered paradise but their Wi-Fi connection thankfully doesn’t represent that! A huge plus for the digital nomad Ubud, the typical connection speed for Wi-Fi in Ubud is 512 kbps-mbps. Most places for rent in Ubud will already have their own Wi-Fi set up, so you don’t have to worry about finding a company or provider.

The Wi-Fi in Ubud is better near the city center and connection is harder to reach in remote sports like this.
Photographer: Sebastian Pena Lambarri | Source: Unsplash

How to Find the Digital Nomad Ubud Community 

You can join the Facebook group called the ‘Digital Nomads Bali’ to meet everyone else who is living the dream life in Ubud! You’ll find tons of like-minded freelancers who’ve had the same bright idea to work half-way around the world. Moreover, the Nomad List meet-ups and Remotive Community are both great place to meet more digital nomad Ubud. All that’s left to do is to get minglin’!

Whether your bags are already packed or you’re still in the planning stages, this guide will come in handy! Save this digital nomad guide to your Travel Plans Pinterest board for now AND for later.


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