The Best Guide For Digital Nomads Lisbon [2019 Update!]

27 Apr 2019
by Danielle Thompson
Digital Nomad, Senior UX/UI Designer and a member of the Professional Association for Design.

Today, the concept of global village is more real than ever. In our ‘little’ village, two things are exceptionally hot right now: Lisbon and digital nomadism. While the Portuguese capital is just the optimum example of Portugal’s beauty and charm, it’s definitely a great place to start exploring this corner of the world! That’s why we wrote up this guide for digital nomads Lisbon, so your exploring goes that much easier.

digital nomads lisbon
Photographer: Vita Marija Murenaite | Source: Unsplash

Why are there suddenly so many digital nomads Lisbon?

Dubbed as Europe’s Chiang Mai as well as ‘the next Berlin,’ the budget-friendly city of Lisbon is drawing more and more tech professionals to the thick of their bustling tech scene. The tech industry draws in lots of young people, but the mixture of history and hip culture is the real allure keeping digital nomads Lisbon.

Providing fast, reliable internet and affordable accommodation right at its heart, the Portuguese capital has become a nomadic hotspot for those who are just trying out this digital dream lifestyle as well corporate folks who are just looking for a temporary change in their setup.

digital nomads lisbon
Photographer: Jason Briscoe

What’s more? Lisbon is one of the sunniest cities in the whole of Europe, guaranteeing 300 days of sunshine per year. It makes a great base for exploration and you can get your work done bathing in sunshine.

The Best Cafes to Work in Lisbon

Finding the best café to work in Lisbon is not a challenge since there are tons of amazing places. Lisbon has a long historic culture of coffee-loving, so you’ll find both new shops and older, locally-loved cafes. For the real Lisbon experience, you’re going to have to try a mix of both!

digital nomads lisbon
You MUST eat a pasteis before leaving Lisbon!
Photographer: Felix Kolthoff | Source: Unsplash

The Mill – Best Breakfast in Lisbon

If working while savoring scrumptious breakfast sounds like a good idea, then “The Mill” makes for a tempting option. Digital nomads might go for the coffee and long, open tables, but they’ll end up returning (many times) for the best breakfast in Lisbon! From toasted sandwiches to specialty coffee to Scandinavian styled interior design, The Mill is a cozy sweet spot that’s open all day until early evening, making it convenient in addition to tasty.

Look! There’s an open spot for you and your laptop!

Copenhagen Coffee Lab – The Best Coffee in Lisbon

While you’re working, why not sip a ‘cuppa Joe made with different brewing methods? Brewing each cup delicately slow-brew style, this is definitely the best coffee in Lisbon. Not just because of the coffee, Copenhagen Coffee Lab has been a top choice for those seeking a relaxing environment to work. Thanks to the lightning fast Wi-Fi, you shouldn’t have a problem working for hours…just make sure you count your cups of coffee before you’re bouncing off the walls!


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Drink your slow-drip in the shade or sun.

Village Underground – A Café for the Hipster Lisbon

The Village Underground stands out from the rest in providing a unique work ambiance to guests. Nestled inside a classic double-decker bus, the café features an indoor setting on the first story, while there’s also an outdoor seating if you prefer to relax outside. This is the perfect café for creative freelancers and even the occasional hipster Lisbon. One thing is for certain: it’s definitely a must-see café for all digital nomads Lisbon!

Yes, it’s really a café!

Best Coworking Spaces in Lisbon

Not all of us find it easy to keep your concentration in a café. That’s why co-working spaces were born! They help all sorts of people work they way they like, which is the motto of digital nomads. Lisbon is full of professional spaces that help you get work done, so let’s dive into our list of the best coworking spaces in Lisbon.

Coworking Central – Daily Coworking Lisbon

Located in the heart of Lisbon, Coworking Central offers a cozy working place with some great perks for freelancers and start-up entrepreneurs. From fiber fast broadband to easy access to printer and scanner to a dedicated room for Skype calls, CWC provides you with a truly diverse work environment for 15€ a day.  Plus, free coffee to boost your productivity. It’s a great deal and a really freestyle place for coworking Lisbon.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 9pm


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Boost yourself up on a bench and boost your creativity at the same time!

Heden – Airy Office Space in Lisbon

A sun soaked co-working space located just off the busy square in Graça, Heden offers spacious flex desks with a plenty of room to spread yourself out. What’s more; there’s a cute little lounge area housing comfy sofas and brilliant books, perfect for screen breaks. Plus, there’s a huge downstairs area for a conference. All for 15€ a day, tea and coffee included! This is also a great office space in Lisbon for dog-lovers, as they’re allowed to come to work with you.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 9pm

Definitely office goals.

Which is the Best SIM Card for Portugal?

Since SIM cards don’t need to be registered in Lisbon, buying one is quite easy. MEO boasts of the best network coverage in the city with fast activation and lightning fast internet speed. With MEO’s tourism SIM plan, you’ll have 30 GB of internet for 15 days for €14.99. There are other cheap companies to check for a fairly-priced SIM card for Portugal, like Vodafone or Lebara.

For the long-term digital nomads Lisbon, there are also pay-as-you-go monthly plans with free What’s App, Facebook messenger and Snapchat connections. However, registration and a contract is required for these phone plans.

How to Get Around in Lisbon

You can easily get around the Portuguese capital via Metro, Bus, Taxi and Uber. There are so many methods of transportation here, you’ll never wonder how to get around in Lisbon. All you have to do is pick your favorite method and go!

Lisbon Metro:

The Lisbon metro is the fastest and the cheapest way to get from one corner of the city to the other. It runs from 6am to 1am with a train typically available every 6-9 minutes. A metro card or the ‘Viva Viagem Card’ costs €0.50 in addition to the fare, which is affixed at €1.45 for a single journey. Alternately, you can travel unlimited for 24 hours for only €6.30. Beware of pickpockets on the metro cars, however.

Lisbon digital nomad guide
The most famous line of the Lisbon Metro: Tram 28.
Photographer: Vita Marija Murenaite

The Lisbon Bus

The Lisbon bus system is undisputedly the most efficient and flexible means of getting around the Lisbon and discovering the city. Buses in Lisbon run from around 5am to 1am. While a single journey costs €1.85, digital nomads Lisbon can use the ‘Viva Viagem card’ to travel unlimited for a day

Uber in Lisbon

The Uber app works pretty well in Lisbon and is relatively cheaper than the conventional black cabs. Uber in Lisbon has not been outlawed, so there’s no law-breaking involved when hailing a discount taxi.

Best Food Delivery App Lisbon

As freelancers, we know how hard we all work! Sometimes, we work so hard that we forget to feed ourselves. That’s why it’s always handy to know the local delivery apps. We found the best food delivery app Lisbon has to offer and put them all on this list. When hunger strikes, you’ll thank us!

digital nomads lisbon
Find delicious food wherever you work.
Photographer: Eiliv-Sonas Aceron | Source: Unsplash

Uber Eats Lisbon

Uber Eats Lisbon offers an instant solution to your hunger pains with wide-ranging restaurant menus, pictures, and user reviews to help you decide where you want to eat. It’s the most popular food delivery app in the capital, so digital nomads Lisbon will be spoiled for choice.

Average Price for a Month via Airbnb – Lisbon

One can rent out single rooms via Airbnb from 350 to 500 euros per month! A one-bedroom studio apartment, on the other hand, costs 600 up to 1,000 euros depending on the area and the season. However, with all of the digital nomads Lisbon has drawn in, why not share a room with a fellow freelancer?

To get $30 off your first Airbnb use this link.

Best Bars in Lisbon

Like any hub for creative freelancers, Lisbon has a thriving, totally-cool bar scene. Check out a couple of the best bars in Lisbon – but don’t stop there! Keep exploring until all the coolest hidden gems are on your radar.

Maria Caxuxa – Everyone Knows Maria Caxuxa!

A perfect place to wind down to hip soundtracks, this premium bar is a great stop off spot after a tiring day at work. While DJs spin dub and house music, the caipirinhas they mix here are legendary too. Honestly, Maria Caxuxa is the Lisbon bar that everybody knows.


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There’s always tons of people to meet at Maria Caxuxa!

Pensão Amor – Best Cabaret Bar in Lisbon

A cool hangout place with an exciting Golden-era vibe, Pensão Amor boasts of stunning plasterwork and ornate decoration that imparts it an old-styled disco look.  The bar houses weekend concerts too, but not just any concerts. Pensão Amor has a style that nothing can tone down, which gives it its reputation as the best cabaret bar in Lisbon.


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Places to Eat in Lisbon With the Best Value

It’s finally time to treat yourself to a nice dinner. All that hard-work paid off! Still, we want a great value for our money. How can we experience delicious local Portuguese food without breaking our budget? Well, it’s simple: check out these places to eat in Lisbon that’ll give you flavor and frugality.

digital nomads Lisbon
Seafood is Lisbon’s favorite cuisine.
Photographer: Abraham Garcia | Source: Unsplash

Cervejaria Ramiro – The Best Seafood Lisbon Has to Offer

Labeled as the ‘seafood temple,’ Cervejaria Ramiro is the place to indulge in Portugal’s fantastic seafood. From giant red scarlet shrimps, to spikey shellfish to, of course, the classic clams and percebes, this place is worth splashing out for.  It was featured on a Netflix show called “Somebody Feed Phil,” although it was popular long before this feature. After all, you can’t keep the best seafood Lisbon has to offer a secret!

Pro Tip:  Arrive early to avoid long queues, as this is a very well-known restaurant!

Atira-te ao Rio – Lisbon Restaurants with a View

Want to glance at the beautiful Portuguese capital stretched out along the Tagus River? Here’s a cute little restaurant where the tables and chairs are lit by torches and set along the water’s edge. After all, the idea is to savor the scrumptious food while enjoying the breathtaking view. The Atira-te ao Rio is a famous Lisbon restaurants with a view, which draws in lots of tourists. Don’t let that stop you! The food is even better than the view. Don’t miss their signature tuna pâté with fish stew or the Portuguese steak! 

digital nomads lisbon
Photographer: John Schnobrich | Source: Unsplash

Average Wi-Fi Speed and Free Wi-Fi in Portugal

As digital nomads Lisbon, it’s our business to worry about the Wi-Fi speed! However, we don’t need to worry in Lisbon. The average wi-fi speed in Lisbon or download speed is 14,47 Mb/s. In addition, so many cafes and public spaces offer free Wi-Fi in Portugal, so you’ll never have to go without Wi-Fi on a bad connection day (if that’s even a thing).

Digital Nomads Lisbon Meet-up & Community

Lisbon Digital Nomads is a community of experienced and aspiring digital nomads that organizes regular meetings and get togethers, allowing them to learn from and cooperate with each other.  For the digital nomads Lisbon, there is truly no better community or a more active Lisbon Meet-up group of similar individuals. If you are looking to connect with even more people, I highly recommend working out of the Remote Year or Outsite coworking spaces.

Have a favorite place in Lisbon? Comment below.

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