The Detailed Guide for the Digital Nomad Barcelona [2019 Update!]

01 Jun 2019
by Danielle Thompson
Digital Nomad, Senior UX/UI Designer and a member of the Professional Association for Design.

Pristine beaches, lush green mountains and a colorful metropolitan culture make Barcelona a favorite destination for freelancers. After all, Barcelona has free Wi-Fi all over the municipal city area! It’s basically a bat signal for digital nomads. What could be better for the digital nomad Barcelona? Oh, right! Exquisite food, historic Catalan culture, and an indomitable love for sports promise to entertain you thoroughly while reminding you of the fun and freedom that comes along with freelancing.  

digital nomad Barcelona
Imagine seeing these historic, colorful buildings on your way to the co-working space!
Photographer: Daniel Corneschi | Source: Unsplash

Barcelona is not a new home for expats and freelancers, however. The city’s scene has created and cultivated lots of spaces and business just for the digital nomad Barcelona. This guide will help our digital nomad crew discover both well-known places and hidden gems. Here we come, Barça!

The Top 3 Cafes to Work in Barcelona

Just because the city has free Wi-Fi in its public spaces doesn’t mean you want to spend your day working on a bench. Lucky for the digital nomad Barcelona, there’s no shortage of cafes to work in Barcelona. Here are our three favorites, but don’t stop there! Keep discovering and adding to your list of cafes to work in Barcelona. You’ll never have another stagnant workday!

Coco Coffice Cafe – A Great Co-working Cafe – Barcelona

The Coco Coffice Cafe offers a highly relaxed environment in addition to excellent service dedicated to professionals. In fact, you can’t come to this co-working cafe Barcelona unless you’re coming to work! It works like a co-working space/cafe hybrid, requiring freelancers to pay by the hour. The great thing about this hybrid is that all snacks and beverages are included in the price you pay to work! It’s a great combination and an innovative way to work for the digital nomad Barcelona.

It might not always be this empty, but it is always this calm!

Laie Libreria Café – The Best Book Cafe Barcelona

Here’s a calm and relaxed café that helps you on your assignments from a remote location! Centrally located at walk-able distance from the city’s main metro stations, Laie Libreria caters to an ample ambience toned to individual focus. It’s part library as well, which makes it the best book cafe Barcelona can offer those book-worm nomads. Laie Libreria café operates from Monday to Friday, 9.00 AM to 7.00 PM. 

Black Remedy Coffee Bar – Tasty Coffee in Hipster Barcelona

This newly opened coffee shop will give you the feel of a typical London-style café that’s inspired from warehouse aesthetics. That means it’s a haven for hipster Barcelona! Nestled at the helm of Gothic quarter, Black Remedy Coffee Bar offers the perfect ambience to sit with your laptop and wrap up the work. While the Wi-Fi speed will keep your work going so long, there is a wide-ranging menu to satisfy your taste buds at work. 


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Thank you @thegastrojourney for capturing Black Remedy’s chilled vibes and atmosphere in this amazing photo ????! Es Viernes y Barcelona lo sabe… Buen fin de semana a tod@s!

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No trip to Black Remedy Coffee Bar is complete without an Instagram post.

The Best Co-working Spaces Barcelona Has!

Where there are freelancers, there are co-working spaces, Barcelona is no different! For the professional digital nomad Barcelona has tons of co-working spaces to choose from. It won’t be hard to find a co-working space near you in Barcelona. As always, the real work is in finding the right co-working space for you and your needs. Have a look at these awesome co-working spots and settle down in the right space for you.

Betahaus Barcelona

Any co-working space list in Spain’s tourist capital would be useless without mentioning Betahaus Barcelona! Comprising of six floors and five terraces, Betahaus is one of the largest(6000Sq Mtr) co-working spaces in Barcelona. There’s no dearth of space or meeting rooms. All you need to do is select a fixed or flexible plan suiting your needs, and you’re ready for work. It welcomes co-workers from Monday to Friday, between 9.00AM and 6.00 PM.

An open, white space keeps freelancers free from distractions.

Blitz Gracia – The #1 Space for Co-working Barcelona Gracia

Situated in the beating heart of Barcelona, Blitz Gracia promotes co-working in an ideal and suitable environment away from the distractions of home. Two brilliantly designed terraces provide panoramic views of city, while their rich and varied selection of coffees is guaranteed to spoil you for choice. As it’s located in one of the city’s coolest neighborhoods, it’s a top spot for co-working Barcelona Gracia.


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Queremos deserle a nuestro coworker: ¡Feliz cumpleaños Angel! ??

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Digital nomads will get family-style vibes at this co-working Barcelona Gracia.

Where to Buy a SIM Card in Barcelona

SIM cards and data packs are inexpensive in Barcelona. Not only are they inexpensive, but they’re widely available, so you’ll never be stuck wondering where to buy a SIM card in Barcelona. You can choose from the service providers like Orange, Vodafone, and Movistar. The best value SIM is offered by Orange that costs €15, and provides 4GB data at 4G speed with 400 minutes of talk time, however different deals are being offered all the time, so it’s best to shop around in a phone store (they are everywhere).

digital nomad barcelona
Get a SIM card in Barcelona and use your old phone in a new country.
Photographer: Fancycrave | Source: Unsplash

However, if you want to sign up for a contract plan, you will need to be registered as a resident in Spain. Most digital nomad Barcelona as a stepping stone and are almost always on the move, but there are tons of freelancers who end up calling Barcelona home. If that applies to you, you can save a lot of money by switching to a contract plan!

How to Get Around Barcelona

Barcelona has a well-connected, integrated public transport system that is considered one of the best in Europe. It consists of Metro, FGC, tram and bus service. Still, the best way to explore the city and discover new areas is via the local bus service that is popularly called“Hop on Hop off Bus.” Furthermore, you can rent a bicycle or scooter to navigate the city much faster. You’ll be spoiled for choice when deciding how to get around Barcelona.

digital nomad barcelona
Photographer: Marco Da Silva | Source: Unsplash

Pro Tip:Buy T10 ticket that’s valid for 10 rides from metro or any train station. Further this ticket is valid for bus service as well. 

The Barcelona Travel Card

TMB app is the official public transportation app exclusive to Barcelona. Not only it will help you gain crucial information about metro and bus timings but also enable you make real-time searches for travel directions! While you are beginning to explore the city, it’s a good idea to look into getting a Barcelona Travel Card. Depending on which one you buy, you’ll get unlimited trips in Barcelona for anywhere between 2-5 consecutive days.

Best App for Food Delivery Barcelona

Getting food on demand is pretty much a must for the digital nomad Barcelona, or anywhere in the world! We work so hard that sometimes we forget to feed ourselves. That’s when our brain whispers,”Fooooood…delivery…” a call that we simply must answer! When hunger hits, there are four different apps for food delivery Barcelona. They are Deliveroo, Resto-in, Glovo, and Uber Eats Barcelona. The best app in terms of food options and time taken to deliver is Glovo. It’s a Barcelona startup that you can rely on to bring your delivery within an hour. 

digital nomad barcelona
Glovo is the way to go in Barcelona!
Photographer: Andea Ferrario | Source: Unsplash

Average Price for Airbnb Co-living in Barcelona

The price for a private room in a shared apartment starts from $500 onwards! Co-living in Barcelona is the most popular option, as one-room apartments and studios cost more than double the price of a single room. Get $30 off your first Airbnb by using this link!

The Top & Trendy Bars Barcelona Offers

When the working day is done, freelancers just wanna have fun! We could go on and on about the coolest trendy bars Barcelona has across the city, but that would take up our whole guide for digital nomad Barcelona. The bars below are just a few of our must-visit bars in Barcelona. Let us know if we missed one by commenting at the end of this post!

Travelling through Barcelona streets at night bring lots of nice frames to catch…luckily I had my tripod with me so i could perform a long exposure shot.
Barcelona nightlife shines, go see it for yourself!
Photographer: Idan Gil | Source: Unsplash

Dry Martini and Speak Easy – Best Dry Martini Barcelona

Tucked in the Dry Martini Warehouse, Speak Easy recreates the clandestine atmosphere of the Prohibition era the USA during the 1920s. Seriously, it is so charming inside (not to mention they have the tastiest dry martini Barcelona). It is not only mysterious but also equally luxurious to help you wind down after an exhausting day at work. Guests can savor a tempting cocktail in this intriguing yet fun-filled environment!

Bar Cañete – One of the Best Restaurants in Barcelona

Snuggled in the heart of Barcelona, Bar Cañete boasts of two separate spaces; the Mantel is a dining space where you can savor generous main courses in an relaxed, intimate atmosphere. The Barra, on the other hand, offers savory Spanish specialties in an informal, fast-paced environment! Whether you are just looking for a quite bite or you are searching for the best restaurants in Barcelona, you’ll find what you need here. Do not miss their classic fried squid sandwich and the red salted shrimps!! 


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Pulpo, patata, pimentón. La Santísima Trinidad Cañetera.

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Ocana – A Legend Amongst the Cool Bars of Barcelona

Ocana is a trendy, modern venue that serves the purpose of a cafe, restaurant and a cocktail bar in a unique environment. Their collective motto iscreativity and Berlin-esque inspiration! While the menu features a fusion of Asian and North African dishes, this is casual spot where fun meets gastronomy. Thirsty digital nomad Barcelona shouldn’t count this spot out; it’s consistently featured as one of the cool bars of Barcelona. See why for yourself!

The Average Speed of Wi-Fi in Barcelona

The average speed of the Wi-Fi in Barcelona is 87 mbps. It has the fastest Wi-Fi in Spain! Of course, this Wi-Fi speed isn’t representative of the free Wi-Fi in Barcelona, which is offered across the city.

How to Connect with Other Digital Nomad Barcelona

As traveling freelancers, we’re kind of rootless. We travel around place to place, only bringing our luggage and our memories…but we can’t make those memories alone! You’re not the only one looking for other digital nomad Barcelona. There’s a huge community just waiting to be found through various Facebook and Meet-up groups.

digital nomad Barcelona
Photographer: Priscilla Du Preez | Source: Unsplash

CODINO– The Community of Digital Nomads in Barcelona

CODINO is a community to meet, work, live and play with like-minded entrepreneurs, freelancers, and digital nomads in Barcelona. What’s even better? They organize weekly events and meet-ups to help digital nomads kindle a strong connection and build up a community. 

Did we miss any spots? Let us know in the comments!

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