The Complete Canggu Guide for Digital Nomads Bali – 2019 Update

01 Jun 2019
by Danielle Thompson
Digital Nomad, Senior UX/UI Designer and a member of the Professional Association for Design.

With a growing digital nomad community and one of the world’s coolest co-working spaces in the world, the vibes flowing out of Canggu are next-level chill! This small, eclectic beach-chic town is a great place to work remotely, live cheaply and discover a new culture while enjoying the spectacular coastline. No wonder so many have made it the digital nomads Bali favorite! Fill up on our Canggu guide for digital nomads and start building your next dream.

digital nomads bali
For digital nomads Bali has a beautiful sunset every night.
Photographer: Benjamin Janos | Source: Unsplash

I’ve seen a different Canggu guide that says there shouldn’t be any first-time freelancers coming here, no digital nomads Bali! I couldn’t disagree more. Working remotely from Bali is a dream-come-true. In fact, that’s why the other guide said digital nomads shouldn’t start in Bali: because you’ll never find anywhere else as perfect. Once you scroll down and see just how cool it’d be to become one of the digital nomads Bali, you won’t be able to dream of anything else.

So, why is Canggu the best place for digital nomads Bali?

The pleasant weather, growing tech scene, relatively cheap cost of living, and a laid-back way of life make Canggu the perfect tropical paradise for digital nomads to live life king-size. Digital nomads Bali also have a reputation for a killer work/life balance (think: mid-day surf sessions, sunset & cocktails with friends).

digital nomads Bali
Photographer: Sonnie Hiles | Source: Unsplash

Most cafes and restaurants in Canggu are total aesthetic goals, so all of your pictures will look amazing. Honestly, it feels like you’re living in a vacation! If you aren’t convinced of Canggu yet, just continue on in our Canggu guide; you’ll see what so many digital nomads Bali see soon enough.

The Top 3 Canggu Cafes to Work From

Most of the Canggu cafes are on the next level of instagrammability (whoa, did I just invent a word?). Of course, being instagram-worthy isn’t the only qualification that makes a coffee shop good to work from. Wi-Fi speeds, healthy food and a relaxed atmosphere make the best cafes to work from in Canggu. Luckily, we’ve tested the lot; here are the best Canggu cafes for digital nomads.

Kembali Bumback – Vegan Cafe in Canggu

Kembali Bumback is a chic, sophisticated cafe that prides itself on its tranquil interiors and welcoming atmosphere. The café menu serves everything from tasteful tuna tartar to vibrant vegan smoothie bowls. On Fridays, all dishes are 50% off after 6:00 PM, though you may need to make reservations.  While all their food may not be vegan, this is a super fresh vegan cafe in Canggu – oh, and it’s not a bad place to work from, either!

Is this Canggu cafe #officegoals or what?

Nude Café – Best Breakfast Canggu

Nude Cafe is a fully enclosed café with quality tastes, friendly vibes, and a solid Wi-Fi connection. Popular among digital nomads, Nude Cafe focuses on creating the perfect atmosphere for getting things done. Open all day long, it’s a great place to start your workday with the best breakfast Canggu. From there, you can keep working as long as your fingers keep typing, maybe ordering lunch and dinner there later on. Keep in mind that on Friday nights, everything is 50% off! 


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When you order the wrap but you can’t stop eyeing off that burger…? @nataliaaam #nudeincanggu

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Yes, that IS fresh coconut juice…straight out of the coconut!

Cinta – Internet Cafe Canggu with Cool Vibes

Overlooking lush green paddy fields, Cinta Cafe is a breezy open-air café with comfy chairs and sofa spots to work from. Adorned with a bright, happy interior, Cinta Café boasts of delectable Indonesian food to keep you satisfied. The folks at Cinta are happy to host digital nomads Bali, so don’t be shy about using this internet cafe Canggu has supplied us!

Most Canggu cafes know that many of their customers come from the digital nomads Bali community. They embrace that! Never be shy to work all day from a cafe or bring along your laptop; cafe owners are happy to host us.

The Best Spaces for Co-working Canggu

We’re all flocking to Bali because of our work; freelancing gives us the freedom to explore the world while we build our careers. Still, digital nomads Bali shouldn’t forget to get down to business when the time comes! It’s great to have a go-to space for co-working Canggu. The co-working in Canggu is top-of-the-line, so wherever you work, you’re sure to be set up for success.

Dojo Co-working – Dojo Bali (It’s Famous!)

Dojo Co-working is a hip two-story venue boasting of state-of-the-art amenities including comfy seating, air-conditioned conference rooms, sound-proof private Skype booths and plenty of high-tech facilities. What’s more; it also features a glittering pool with lush tropical gardens and hot showers. Work has never been so exotic! I might as well say that it’s a personal favorite as well. Side note: Dojo seems to be a popular name for co-working spaces, so make sure you’re on the Dojo Bali website before you sign up.

If Dojo Bali is famous, so am I; here’s me on their Instagram! ?

District Co-working – Canggu Co-working Close to Nature

With a cool cafe downstairs, a cozy co-working space upstairs, and a stunning rooftop terrace with epic vistas of rice fields, District Co-working encourages a culture of openness and sharing. It’s a Canggu co-working space that highlights Bali’s natural beauty, so you’ll get a dose of exotic nature while you work. The space is equipped with a super-fast fiber optic broadband, showers, and lockers. Then, after 5pm, it is hopping with the cocktail crowds – if you like to work late, you should consider this.

An absolutely beautiful view of Bali from a Canggu co-working space.

Best Place to Get a Bali SIM Card

SIM cards and data packs are incredibly affordable in Canggu. The bets company to get a Bali SIM Card from is XLAxiata. It’s the best network provider in the area and you can purchase their best value package of 25GB (+10GBbonus) and 15 minutes of talk time for just $11.

How to Get Around Bali

Traffic in Canggu is very chaotic and it is strongly recommended to avoid the jam by renting a scooter which is considered to be the best way to zip through the streets and the countryside. Scooters and motorbikes are the most common answer to the question of how to get around Bali. If you don’t feel comfortable riding yourself, you can also use the GO-JEK app that offers an Uber-like service on the back of a motorbike! All in the name of adventure, right?

Photographer: Marvin Meyer | Source: Unsplash

Best App for Food Delivery Canggu

Go-Jek: Here’s your travel companion app that lets you enjoy your favorite foods. The app is easy to use and you’ll be receiving your food delivery Canggu in no time. Go-Jek features a wide range of restaurants and local favorites, in addition to notifying you about the top picks closest to you, helping you make the best choice!

digital nomads Bali
Delicious meals delivered to your home in Canggu.
Photographer: Gabrielle Cepella | Source: Unsplash

Average Monthly Price for an Airbnb Canggu

AirBnB is a good place to book an accommodation in Canggu for a few nights or a couple weeks before you arrive. Plus, there are some absolutely jaw-dropping places to rent on Airbnb Canggu. For monthly rentals, it is best to negotiate deals on the ground and chat to the locals and expats living there. While the average price for a single room on Airbnb ranges from $500 to $800 for a month, a 2-3 bedroom Villa will cost you $800- $1000! 

Save $25 off your first  airbnb by using this link.

digital nomads Bali
You feel the Bali vibes right away in this Airbnb!
Photographer: Alex Block | Source: Unsplash

The Best Bars in Canggu

I don’t think there are many digital nomads Bali who have been to a bar that wasn’t total #travelgoals. The laid-back, beachy vibes of Bali seep into the atmosphere of all the bars in Canggu, which is why they’re so effortlessly cool. As Bali was a tourist destination before the digital nomads took over, there’s an endless list of cool bars in Canggu. Start with the list of bars on our Canggu guide for digital nomads Bali and go from there (if you’re still walking straight)!

The Lawn – Everyone Knows The Lawn Canggu!

A swanky sweet spot overlooking a beachfront infinity pool, The Lawn not only boasts of stylish cocktails and gourmet bites but also promises its guests the most spectacular sunset sight in the town. The Lawn Canggu even has black-sand beaches…what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to ring in the weekend in style with their weekly 50 Fridays fiesta, when prices are cut in half! 


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Monday’s begin here! ???? #thelawncanggu

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The Lawn is the best beach bar in Canggu.

Old Man’s Bar – The Old Mans Canggu

Its name might make it seem like a dive bar, but Old Man’s Bar is far from, well, an old man’s bar. Icy cold beers, beachy vibes, live music, rocking late night DJ sessions, and a wicked value for the money, Old Man’s Canggu is a compulsory stop-off during your visit to Canggu. Head towards the Old Man’s for Dirty Old Wednesdays when late night dancing and beer pong is the order of the evening.

Here’s a photo of the famous Old Man’s Wednesday Night Party!

The Best Restaurants in Canggu for Digital Nomads Bali

Part of being in the community of digital nomads Bali is getting out and trying the local cuisine! However, we don’t feature any fancy Indonesian places on our restaurants in Canggu list. Why, you ask? Oh, because the best Indonesian food places are off the map. So get out there and get your taste buds ready for an exotic experience that’s also friendly on your wallet. When you’re looking for a non-local dining experience, check out our favorite restaurants in Canggu below.

digital nomads Bali
A famous Bali dish, Nasi Goreng.
Photographer: Louis Hansel | Source: Unsplash

Macan Café – Norwegian Fish Restaurant Canggu

With a wide range of delicacies on offer, Macan is the perfect place to bid your taste buds the treat they deserve. From runny poached eggs to spicy smoked salmon to the creamy avocado mash – you’ll walk away with a new-found love for their Norwegian food. Even if you didn’t know anything about Norwegian seafood before, you’ll have no doubt that you’ve been to the best fish restaurant Canggu has to offer when you leave!

La Baracca – Cheap Eats Canggu

Your Italian home away from home, La Baracca is a low-key restaurant that caters to authentic comfort Italian cuisine in an incredibly affordable range. In fact, they serve a wide variety of pizzas with an option to customize your signature pizza with the crust, toppings and base of your choice. Not only is their pizza fresh and delicious, it’s one of the great cheap eats Canggu offers its digital nomads Bali. To add to the experience, guests will always be offered a shot of limoncello!

digital nomads bali
Photographer: Bernard Hermant | Source: Unsplash

How’s the Wi-Fi? A Digital Nomad Bali Necessity

Bali is a very far-off destination for most of the digital nomads who flock there. Since it’s so unfamiliar to us, we often worry about the Wi-Fi reliability before we depart. However, it’s nothing that digital nomads Bali should be worrying about! The typical connection speed for Wifi is 512kbps- mbps. Get out there and get connected!

How to Find the Digital Nomad Canggu Community 

The easiest thing about being a digital nomad Canggu is that you’re surrounded by other freelancers living the same dream as you! You’ll encounter people like you daily whether you’re working from a co-working space, a cafe, or even the beach. You can join the Facebook group called the‘Canggu Community’ in order to find friends faster, if you’d like!

digital nomads bali
Photographer: Jens Johnsson | Source: Unsplash

We’ve made sure that this Canggu guide is everything the digital nomad would need – and more! Feel free to reference it whenever you need. Save it to your Travel Plans Pinterest board for easy access.



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