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Meggie, PR consultant – I learned to communicate my freelance value

We've all been there - trying to convince clients of our value but not feeling certain about it ourselves. Read Meggie's story to see how she overcame imposter syndrome and started charging the rate she deserves.
Maria-Magdalena Dimitrova
PR & marketing Consultant
Meggie, PR consultant – I learned to communicate my freelance value
We often think that the business challenges will be hardest to adapt to when we start out as freelancers. After all, we have to learn proposal-writing, pitch-making, and price-setting before we even land our first client.

However, it isn’t always the business challenges that put us in a rut. Sometimes, the thing blocking us from freelance success is…ourselves.


The struggle to find our value

One of the biggest challenges that freelancers face is figuring out the true value of the work we deliver to our clients (and using that to set our prices). If we aren’t sure of our own ability, potential clients will be hard to convince. If we can’t be confident in the value we can provide, how can our clients be?
When we don’t define the value we bring to clients, we undersell ourselves.
That’s where Maria-Magdalena, or Meggie for short, was stuck before she enrolled in the Freelance Travel Network Course. She’d started freelancing as a PR & marketing consultant, yet after 6 months she still didn’t see the value she created reflected in her salary.
communicate freelance value

Meggie Dimitrova, PR & Content Marketer from Sofia, Bulgaria


“I was too scared of losing the client to ask for a higher rate.”

When we aren’t sure of what our skills are worth, we end up taking whatever we can get. That was the case for Meggie, who was stuck in a cycle of client-chasing and rate-compromising.

“Even though I had experience in my niche before I became a freelancer, I felt I should start out with a lower rate so that I would be sure to land the clients and projects that I liked.”She set her rate at $15 per hour, but when she found a project she was interested in, she lowered it to $10 per hour to land the client. ?

“I thought it was okay because at least I liked my clients. I convinced myself that experience and exposure was just as good as a higher wage.

In my mind, I thought I had to sacrifice my wage in order to land my dream clients.”

Compromising…straight into a low-wage rut

Seeking out projects that align with our values is a great way to stay motivated as a freelancer. However, compromising our prices to take those projects has a high potential to kill any motivation we gained.
Even though Meggie was happy with the projects she was working on, she started to realise that she might never get the rate she deserved if she kept compromising.
She fell into a trap that many freelancers find themselves in: she didn’t know how to ask for what she was worth. She struggled to communicate her freelance value and she found herself stuck in a low-wage rut.
define freelance value

Being flexible is great for yoga, but terrible if we want to raise our freelance rates.

“I was always willing to compromise.”

Meggie was stuck in the survival mindset: a cycle of feast-or-famine, where we take any project we can get our hands on just to keep afloat. We’re too scared to try for more money or better clients because we’re scared to fail.
I thought clients wouldn’t agree to raise my rate because I wasn’t sure what kind of value I could provide that would justify a rate increase. Most of all, I didn’t want to lose my client.”
Worse still, she started believing that those low wages reflected her value.
When we continually accept pay rates that are below the value of our contributions, we end up with a distorted sense of worth.
If we want to raise our wages and self-esteem, we have to turn to the freelancer mindset.

Turning on the freelancer mindset

One of the main tenets of the freelancer mindset is self-awareness. When we can be honest with ourselves about our strengths and weaknesses, we’re able to easily articulate the value we bring to our clients.

Our self-honesty turns into honesty towards our clients, which builds credibility and trust. Not only is this a great way to land repeat clients, this is how we can communicate our freelance value.

How to communicate our freelance value

Once we’re able to explain the value we can bring to our client, we raise both our wages and our confidence. However, as Meggie realised, it isn’t always easy to reach the next level on your own.

“I was unhappy with the money I was making, so I sent out all the proposals I could. Still,
my success rate only reached 60% and my rate wasn’t going up. I knew I needed to make a change. That’s when I enrolled in the FTN course.”


communicate freelance value

“I was already worth a lot; all I needed were the tools to help me sell my services at their true price.”

Communicating the value of our freelance services is how we can get clients to pay top dollar.

They aren’t interested in the nitty-gritty of what we do; they’re most interested in how we solve problems and what results we may be able to bring their project.


Communicating value on freelance sites

Whether your favorite platform is Upwork, Freelancer, or LinkedIn, your online profile is a chance to communicate exactly what you’ll bring to a project. It can also give clear examples of the return that a client might get on their project if they choose you.
The most successful freelance profiles don’t simply list a bunch of skills or programs that they work with. They explain exactly how they solve problems and what the results of their efforts were.

Once your profile shows your specific problem-solving flair and the value you’ve brought to others, clients will think, “Wow, I could get that return? This is a no-brainer! I’m hiring her!”

 After all, we aren’t just selling our work; we’re selling the change our work can bring.

What communicating our freelance value can bring

Once Meggie changed her profile to focus on the impacts she could bring to a business, her freelance career exploded.
My success rate went from 60% to 98%, and most of my clients became long-term ones,”
communicate freelance value

“Once I started believing in the value I could bring and communicating that through my profile, clients trusted my expertise.”

Once clients trust you as an expert, you’re more likely to land the projects you want. You’re also more likely to get paid at a higher rate.

“I tried writing a few proposals where I articulated my value in a way that applied to the client. I won the first three proposals I sent, and my rate went from $10-$15/hour straight up to $30-$40/hour.
With a provable boost in business to back it up, it’s clear that communicating our value should be the only goal of an online profile or proposal pitch.
“I really discovered my true value and how to communicate it easily during the FTN course. Now, my business is more tailored to me and I feel more comfortable than ever. I know who I am and what I bring to the table – and so do my clients.”
If you never discover your own strengths, you can never communicate your true freelance value to clients. It’s one of the most important steps on the path to freelance success!

We cover value-mining extensively in the 15-day Freelance Travel Network course. We aim to get every member of the FTN tribe living the lifestyle of their dreams (which includes great success rates and high rates like Meggie achieved).