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Anh, designer – I gained better freelance clients

Feeling stuck with one-off clients and low pay rates is a familiar feeling amongst freelancers. Read Anh's story to see how we can get past our plateaus to land better, long-term clients and start actually enjoying the projects we work on.
Anh Nguyen
UI/UX Designer from Hanoi, Vietnam
Anh, designer – I gained better freelance clients

Have you felt like more & more people around you are going freelance? You’d be right! Research shows they’re doing it to get a better work/life balance and more flexibility.

So, it seems we’re all chasing our dreams of freedom. Yet even while we feel freer in some ways right away, there are still obstacles to face in our freelance careers.

Sometimes, we don’t even realize exactly what’s blocking us from having a more successful career. We just feel stuck.

That’s a bit how Anh felt after two years of trying to reach the next level of freelancing. ↗️

designer freelance better clients

Anh Nguyen, an UI/UX designer in Hanoi, Vietnam

When we feel stuck, we feel like we’re trying everything. Still, we can’t seem to arrive at the sustainable freelance lifestyle that they started out in search for.

After two years of freelancing, Anh still hadn’t gotten much free time back. He hadn’t booked any repeat clients yet, either. All he wanted was to get better freelance clients but he didn’t know how.

“I couldn’t get past the low-budget, one-off projects.”

He began to feel stalled out with his career because he had stopped seeing progress. Anh was getting constant work and was landing clients, but not the work he wanted (or the rate he deserved). He didn’t know how to get higher.

“The work for the projects wasn’t really interesting. It was just simple work that didn’t require much creativity. I wanted more from my work.”

Instead of struggling in silence, Anh spoke to Danielle about feeling stuck after they started working together.

Reaching out to your community is one of the main tenets of the freelance mindset, after all.

Gaining confidence as a freelancer

When we don’t approach our work with confidence, we end up missing out on the opportunities that appeal to us most. We may want our freelance careers to flourish but they won’t go far without confidence.

get better freelance clients

Success is tied to confidence; when one goes up, so does the other.

Unfortunately, freelancers often have a harder time raising their confidence levels than traditional workers do. Without bosses praising us or giving us raises, external rewards don’t come around often enough to boost our confidence.

We have to rely on our own self-esteem to keep us confident, which can be hard during the ups and downs of freelancing. Although it can be tough, speaking confidently about ourselves is the only way to get better freelance clients.

Developing a confident framework of our skills

Often, the confidence we lack can be remedied by speaking about our work assuredly and specifically. After all, clients are always interested in the specifics of how you’ll make their professional dream come true!

In order to boost the confidence with which we present ourselves, we need to get comfortable describing our skills.

If we don’t have the ability to speak highly of our skills, we’re selling ourselves short.

We need a specific framework that allows us to showcase our work and talents, convincing potential clients of our expertise. Speaking in detail about what we do and the results we can achieve is immensely helpful in getting our clients to see us as experts.

Once we’re seen as experts, we can charge an expert price!

Getting to a place where you’re not only comfortable but knowledgeable when you speak about your work is a must.

Anh learned just how beneficial this was after meeting Danielle. 

better freelance clients

Danielle and Anh in Hanoi!

Anh learned how to quickly enhance the language around his skills from the FTN course. This led to an immediate boost in his confidence as well as his online profile.

He looked to his skills one by one, describing them and their processes in detail. He also included descriptions of the results he’d seen from his work – which gave him good reason to be confident!

“I learned a lot from Danielle, like how to present my work with confidence.

I spoke about my abilities very positively instead of with doubt – which carried over to make my client relationships stronger, too.”

Not only will a confident presentation of your work land you better freelance clients, but it will also help convert those client into repeat customers.

Landing better freelance clients

Obviously, every client is on a search to find an expert freelancer. No one wants to hire someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing!

However, a lack of confidence often makes it look like we aren’t sure of what we’re doing.

If we want clients to trust us, we need to show them that we can make their project what they want it to be – without a doubt.

Every freelance hack I tried gave me another little boost of confidence. The course was full of tips that gave me almost instant results.

It seemed like everything I tried from the FTN course helped me take another step, which boosted my confidence even more,” said Anh. 

better freelance clients

The only way to the top is step-by-step.

Since taking the FTN course, Anh’s new confidence has led his business to change a lot.

The biggest change he’s been able to make is ditching cheap, one-time clients and trading up to better freelance clients.

“I’ve had the chance to work with much more diverse clients, bigger companies, and open-minded professionals who trust me with their work.

“Because I’m confident in my work, they trust me. They let me be creative and make choices…they let me be me.

Learning how to speak to clients with confidence is a step-by-step process, like all the core values we teach in the FTN course.

Whether you’re following tips for making your online profile stand out or learning what to say to clients, there’s a practical approach to gaining confidence!

If we never ask for help with our struggles, we’ll never be able to bridge the gap between where we are in our freelance careers and where we’ve always wanted to be.

Check out the course below and start gaining the confidence you need to make your business bloom! 🌼

We cover confidence-building tactics in the 15-day Freelance Travel Network course. We aim to get every member of the FTN tribe living the lifestyle of their dreams (which includes boosting confidence and landing better freelance clients like Anh did).