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How to Use Mind Tricks to Boost Your Motivation

26 Feb 2019
by Danielle Thompson
Founder @ Freelance Travel Network, Freelancer and World Traveller

Like me, you might have an app(ortwenty) that claim to help you maximize your productivity. Still, no matter how productive you may be, you’ve gotta face it: 

we ALL have times where we want to work but our motivation is missing.

Being motivated is a state of mind, so if you’re looking to tap into your motivation, start with your brain!

Luckily, I’ve found a few mind tricks that help boost my motivation in the present AND the future. After all, a lack of motivation is a problem we create for ourselves both now and later.

Think about it: we’ve all felt unmotivated to finish a project and told ourselves,“I’lljust do it tomorrow.” To our surprise, tomorrow comes and…we still don’t feel like doing it!

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Don’t freak out! Instead, try practicing mindfulness techniques to boost your motivation. 

Mindfulness exercises can relax your brain and draw your attention to your current state. It helps you hone in on your present emotions and help you realize what’s stopping your productivity.

Once you use mindfulness practices to find out what feelings or thoughts are stopping you, you can resolve them. 

Maybe you’re on edge because you haven’t eaten today. Grab some food and then get to work!

If you can’t immediately resolve your productivity-preventing emotions, mindfulness can help you de-prioritize those emotions calmly and file them away for later. 

Using mindfulness techniques to explore your emotional state will give you a solid understanding of your emotions and their effects on your productivity. 

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When you understand and can predict your emotions, scheduling your tasks during your motivated periods of the day becomes easy.

Trying out a“mentalwalkthrough” of your tasks before scheduling another task afterward is another great mind trick that will boost your motivation. 

Imagine all the tasks you’ve got to finish before that task you’re about to schedule. 

Consider what effect those tasks will have on your emotional state. 

Will those tasks or activities put you in a ready-to-work state or will they make you feel burnt out?

Concentrating on mental walkthroughs while scheduling can also help you recognize patterns in your motivation levels.

For example, tonight you’ve planned to cook dinner and write a post afterward. Doing a quick mental walkthrough will make you realize you’ll be tired after cooking dinner.

You probably won’t have the motivation to cook AND work in the evening. You’ll quickly learn to grab take out when you need evening motivation and not to schedule tasks on homemade dinner nights.

Mind Tricks to Boost Your Motivation

– Use mindfulness techniques to calm your emotions and create focus.

– Soothe any easy-fix emotions to clear your head.

– File away more complicated emotions for later.

– Do a“mentalwalkthrough” of your tasks to predict your future motivation levels.

– Recognize patterns of high and low motivation periods and schedule accordingly.

 Have another motivational mind trick? Comment below!

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