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29 Jan 2019
by Danielle Thompson
Founder @ Freelance Travel Network, Freelancer and World Traveller

Find time for yourself while travelling

⏳Do you feel like you never have enough time? As freelancers, we may feel like we’re battling against a never-ending todo list.

Between work, home and a personal life, lots of freelancers find themselves wishing there were more hours in the day. Adding more hours to the clock isn’t an option, but I have found a few ways to carve out extra time for myself and my work.

⚖️ Make some compromises, save time AND sanity freelancers!

We all have different priorities in life. Some people hate eating take-out food and some can’t stand to see a messy room.

But cooking, deep cleaning, AND working every single day will run you ragged in no time.

If you want to free up some time, you’re going to need to lower your standards just a little and make some compromises.

Maybe you can sacrifice your home-cooked meal every night, trading it in for meal-prep and the occasional take-out dinner.

? Make sure you’re creating value with your time.

As freelancers, we have a wide variety of daily tasks. We’re often doing at least one task that makes us lose lots of time without offering much of a payoff.

Finding out where we’re not creating value with our time is simple:

? Write down and track all your activities for 1-2 weeks.

? Note how the time spent on each task as well as your concentration and energy levels.

Reflect on your activity chart and consider the efficiency and value of each task.

Then, give more time to your most productive tasks and less energy to the time-wasting tasks. If you can’t let see yourself spending less time on a task, it may be time to…


We’re freelancers! We believe in and depend on the gig economy, so make use of it and hire some help.

For example, maybe your activity tracker showed you spent around 5-6 hours a week fiddling with the settings on your WordPress.

Your productivity sinks when it comes to technical tasks, so delegate them!

Find a WordPress-guru to maintain your blog, delegate the task to them and get 6 hours of your time back.

5 Ways to Get More Time

✅ Re-prioritize and make some compromises.

✅ Keep an activity tracker!

✅ Focus more time on your highest value-yielding tasks.

✅ Dump your least valuable activities.

✅ Outsource the tasks that aren’t efficient uses of your time!

Do you know any other time-saving tips? Comment below!

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