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Why is SEO Important Even If You Are Not Actively Campaigning

27 Jan 2019
by Danielle Thompson
Founder @ Freelance Travel Network, Freelancer and World Traveller

Freelancers are faced with all the problems of large companies with just themselves to tackle them. This includes developing and implementing a public relations policy with all of the connected bells and whistles. As such – it is vital that you get everything done right the first time, which is why Search Engine Optimization is essential for your business site and social media accounts. Here are some of the things you gain by taking the few moments needed to plan your content with SEO in mind:

Enhanced Readability

Web content best practices has long passed focusing on keyword placement to placing exceptional emphasis on readability. To put it simply, if two sites have the same links, keywords, and content then the site that is better written will rank higher.

How is this possible?

Modern indexing tools include AI algorithms that can parse the content of a page to determine exactly what it is saying, with “deductions” in a page’s score coming from grammar and spelling mistakes. Since there is no way to guarantee that your site will be quickly re-indexed, it is essential that you make certain that it is written the best it can possibly be.

This is true, regardless if the search engine is owned by Microsoft, Google, or some other company. By focusing on producing the highest possible content today you can exceed their expectations for any given site and prepare it for updated content in the future.

Enhances Organic Growth

People are now used to sharing everything from cat pictures and cookie recipes to every (good) site they visit. Freelancers should make sure their site worthy of being shared and visited by others by providing the best, freshest content possible. This goes beyond the words and graphics on the page to include details such as:


You need to add new content on a regular, predictable, basis. This will encourage people to keep coming back to read your next post and share them with their friends and family.

Usefulness of Content

Make certain that every post addresses the needs of your target demographic. No side trips down Memory Lane, which can (and will!) turn off prospective clients. Freelancers should recognize that they can provide useful direction to their target market on their blog. For example, if you are a developer you could write about quick tips clients can use when building their website.

Connection to Other Resources

Make your site the place to go for information on your niche by including up-to-date links to other interesting sites that are focused on your niche industry. After all – if you take the time to be a good player in your industry then other freelancers may recommend you for clients they cannot help.

“Eat Your Own Dogfood”

If you are a web developer, content writer, or graphics designer it is essential to put your portfolio on display. Make your site the first sample prospects encounter by doing everything (within your wheelhouse) yourself.

This, while not tied to SEO exactly, enables you to convince potential clients to share your work with others and reach out to commission projects. Think about it this way – would you go to a graphics developer that used stock images on his homepage?

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