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Freelancers: Find Clients While Coworking!

24 Jan 2019
by Danielle Thompson
Founder @ Freelance Travel Network, Freelancer and World Traveller

As freelancers, finding clients is half the battle. It definitely seems like a battle when you’re competing for clients over the internet! 

It’s even worse when you’re waiting for a response, clicking refresh on your inbox every hour with no new emails… ?

So…how can you break the silence and start engaging with potential freelance clients? 

? Try Coworking

Dojo Bali Coworking in Canggu

Every time I’ve ever worked from a coworking space, I’ve networked with tons of different freelancers working in many different industries. 

You might think freelancers won’t be able to help you get clients, as they’re looking for clients themselves…but you’d be WRONG!

Freelancers are a special group of people. We love collaboration(that’swhat we DO!?) and we’re always looking for creative solutions. 

That’s what makes freelancers a great resource to find new clients and projects. Now, where can you find freelancers? 

That’s right! Your local coworking space is your next client-finding resource!

They’re full of working professionals and a wide variety of ongoing projects. Whether you’re renting a desk, an office, a meeting room or attending a meetup or networking event, talking to other freelancers can give a huge boost to your client search. ?

Try talking about your past and current projects and ask them about theirs.

?What are they working on right now?

?What about their past projects?

Connect your experiences to theirs and before you know it…

✅ Collaboration proposals and new opportunities will arise automatically!

Can’t find a way to collaborate? Keep chatting about your work and talents anyway!

As freelancers, we encounter lots of projects and don’t always have the skill set or the time for all of them. That’s when we make referrals!

Referrals can take you straight to your next CLIENT! ?

To be sure they’ll refer you, try to give out business cards at coworking spaces.

It’ll make you memorable and easy to find when the next opportunity calls.


✅ Talk about your work with every freelancer you meet!

✅ Connect your freelancing experiences to find all possible collaboration possibilities.

✅ Strike up conversations during coffee breaks, lunch times and break times. 

✅ Attend the networking events hosted by your local coworking space.

✅ Give business cards to all your new, potential clients!

? Got your own client-finding tip? Comment below!

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