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Freelance Travel Course

Start working with better clients and travel around the world. We will learn the most important things:

Getting Started
Earning More
Finding Clients
See what other freelancers saying:

“I tried writing a few proposals where I articulated my value in a way that applied to the client. I won the first three proposals I sent, and my rate went from $10-$15/hour straight up to $30-$40/hour.“

— Meggie, PR & Marketing Consultant from Bulgaria

With Danielle’s help I manage to get myself to a place where I’ve had consistent clients for a long time. FTN was a huge part of that. 

— Joe Simmons, Designer from UK

The truth is that Danielle absolutely changed my life. Applying her advice not only got my more clients but improved my relationships with them. 

— Claudio, Videographer from Portugal

FTN helped me gain more confidence…shortly after the course was finished I landed my dream client. I was able to negotiate a rate that was twice as high as my last rate. 

— Florence Chevålier, UX/UI Designer from Canada
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