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How Can Social Media Help You Excel at Freelancing?

How Can Social Media Help You Excel at Freelancing?

21 January 2019

Do You Want to Grow Your Freelance Practice? See How Social Media Can Help! As a freelancer, it can seem to be a daunting task figuring out how to best utilize these platforms to grow as professional. Thankfully, you will find it is as simple as posting a cat picture once you get used to the platforms!

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6 Tips To Get Your Clients To Pay Their Invoices Faster

30 October 2017

You labour. Then you invoice and get compensated. That’s the definition of business. Yet, what if your clients take their sweet time when it comes to compensating you? You need cash now. But in this case, your sense of urgency and that of your clients probably aren’t the same. Cash flow is important to every business. However, when you are a freelancer running a creative business — and your livelihood depends on your clients’ payments. The quicker you can get them to pay an invoice, the better.


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