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A Transferwise Review: How is it for Freelancers?
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3 Steps for Finding Kick-Ass Clients and Travelling the World

Without being the best in your industry

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How Payoneer Empowers My Digital Nomad Life

Prepaid credit cards and national bank accounts don't always offer tons of options for international travelers. So, what's a digi...
by Danielle Thompson

The Simplest Tricks for Landing Better Freelance Gigs

How can you tell good clients from bad ones? Once you find better freelance clients, how do you land them? Luckily, there are a f...
by Danielle Thompson

6 Steps to Landing Client Phone Calls (and New Clients)

Landing new clients via client phone calls seems intimidating compared to shooting an email, but once you're comfortable, it's li...
by Danielle Thompson

When to Use an Hourly vs. Per-project Rate

What's the best way to bill your clients that lets you have your cake and eat it, too? Learning when to use an hourly vs. per-pro...
by Tessa Anaya

Managing Information Overload for Freelancers

It's common to feel overwhelmed by information overload for freelancers: we're always connected! To free up space in our mind and...
by Danielle Thompson

The Do’s and Dont’s of Client Finding

Finding new clients is a nervous task if you don't have a strategy. Take control over your client search and secure high-quality ...
by Tessa Anaya