Client-Landing Strategies from Advertising Legend David Ogilvy

If you aren’t familiar with David Ogilvy, you’re definitely familiar with his work. He’s often called the“Father of Advertising” thanks to his revolutionary ad...

Starting a Career as a Freelance Artist

What keeps many of us from making the jump to freelance artist is uncertainty. We know that skills in marketing, technology and web...

5 Best Tools For Freelancers in 2019

Not sure which recommendations to trust amongst all the "best tools for freelancers" listicles? Ours is written by freelancers, for freelancers. Check it out!

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Social Media Tools

Social media is really a valuable opportunity to accomplish some sizable crowd. If folks like what they view on your media profiles, they have...

Understand 1024x683

If you have been freelancing for any length of time, you'll know that customers can, and sometimes will haggle over price.And if you are...


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