Hey, I’m Danielle 👋

Hi, I’m Danielle and I’m a freelancer. I’ve been working as a freelancer for over 7 years now. Although I live in a space of abundance now, it was not always this way.

Just like many of you, I struggled with finding the confidence to go after clients that I really liked as well as taking the first step to travel the world. I’ve been where so many of you are today, looking online for the right resource, the perfect mentor, the supportive freelance community to finally help you get over this hump – searching for the thing that will finally unlock your true potential.

I found amazing advice online about how to build a portfolio, how to charge more, and how to find clients…but something was missing. It felt like there was a huge gap between where these online freelancers were in their careers and where I was.

After watching their youtube videos and reading their freelance tip articles, I’d often be left thinking:


“Well that’s great, but I could never do that.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but I was stopping myself from succeeding. I didn’t have the confidence, discipline, or direction to make success happen. So, I’d close the page and continue searching for something to guide me on this journey, the missing piece that would put all the parts of my career together.

It took me four years of failing but eventually, I developed systems for my freelancing. I spent time defining every foundational aspect of my approach to freelancing. I identified my mission and found new motivation. At first, I thought it was something that only worked for me, but then I showed my friends what I was doing. They applied the same systems and they saw results; some of them even passed me in income! That’s when I realized I should create an online course. I didn’t want to make yet another vague course that tells you to spend more time making a better portfolio or hustle more to send proposals to clients. I wanted a course that helps you deal with the biggest thing standing in your way: you. The FTN course will give you the tips, tricks and hacks to make your business success.

Even with these benefits, what’s much more valuable is leaving the course with confidence: confidence to know that no matter what path you decide to go down in life, you can make it work. Confidence to try the things that will make your life bloom. Confidence that you can make an impact on this world. Now I have one question for you, what are you waiting for? Join the tribe!

What is FTN? 🌎

The Freelance Travel Network is community of creative freelancers (designers, developers, copywriters, illustrators, motion designers, marketers). Our mission is to share knowledge and ignite a passion for improving our careers and lifestyles. We keep a strong Facebook community where we share advice, a useful blog full of tips and tricks, and an amazing freelance course to get us through the roadblocks. We’re so excited to share our freelance community with you – welcome to the tribe!

FTN Course 👨‍🎓

I created the FTN Freelance Course because I want to share what I’ve learned about the foundations of freelancing. The course will teach you the most sought-after organisational skills for any online business so you can build a successful and operational career using any skill. Great news for the skeptics – I currently have a free webinar, where you can start finding value with the FTN for free! Curious? Check out this free webinar and learn how to find kick-ass clients and travel the world!

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